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Appleby Horse Fair has taken place in the small town of Appleby, Cumbria since 1685 when King James II granted a royal charter to welcome Travellers to the town to trade. The fair is an opportunity for over 10,000 Gypsies and Travellers to meet on an annual basis to trade horses, buy and sell all kinds of items and for young people to get together and possibly meet their potential partner.  Other fairs include Stow Horse Fair, which takes place twice a year in the Cotswolds, attracting serious horse traders as well as sightseers from across the country.

Lots of work has been created relating to Appleby Horse Fair, from films (History of Appleby, Horses of Appleby, Visitors to Appleby, Craftsmen of Appleby)  to animation and is worth a look as an insight into this traditional fair, or better still it’s worth a visit!

To obtain a copy of the audio transcript please get in touch and we will send you a downloadable pdf.

Room With A View – Dewi Jones

Continuing Twin Vision’s art residency at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, the team worked with young people attending Dewi Jones Unit to create an animation inspired by a poem about Chickenpox.  The work will form part of an educational resource about infection control.

Moving Voices, Appleby Fair Animation

Our talented animators who live in sited accommodation, Liverpool, have formed a creative production team to research, draw, design and narrate this 2D animation that explore’s the UK’s most famous horse fair.

Appleby Fair from Twin Vision on Vimeo.

Alder Hey – Room With A View

Twin Vision worked for one year with patients attending Alder Hey Children’s Hospital for treatment for cancer.  The young animators, aged 3 to 19, worked with the Twin Vision team whilst receiving treatment, to create four amazing animations.  Supported by First Light, Children in Need and Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust.

In recognition of the fantastic talent, determination and   imagination these children and young people demonstrated throughout the project they were invited to attend an awards ceremony at Leicester Square Odeon, an evening with the BBC for Children in Need and a visit to the House of Lords to receive a Digital Heroes Award.  We thoroughly enjoyed the films and hope you do too.