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Twin Vision were commissioned by Chester Performs to deliver a one day animation workshop for families as part of the Rogues Galleries festival. The workshop location was a vacant shop in Chester city center which was utilised as part of the festivals spaces of activities. The event saw parents and their children work together to create stop frame animations using vacant retail spaces within Chester city center as the starting point for ideas. All animations had to relate in some way to the vacant retail spaces previous use. The participants did a great job and came up with some creative narratives and approaches to the challenge they were set. The animations used chroma key techniques with present day photos of the sops their stories related to inserted as a backdrop digitally. Also the participants had to make plasticine models and props. Everyone enjoyed the day including the Twin Vision team who were impressed by the talents of our first time animators. It was a collective effort and although a tight squeeze all participants created and authored a final film with sound effects and voices overs.

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