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Moving Voices – Discrimination faced by Irish Travellers

‘We are all human if you cut us we all bleed the same’ , Simon Doyle, musician and Moving Voices participant.

Perhaps because so little is known about the Irish Traveller community, many members are subjected to racism on a systematic basis due to institutionalized racism and racial prejudice. As a cultural group, Irish Travellers have a long shared history and values system, making them a distinct ethnic group. They have been recorded as separate within Irish society for thousands of years, all of which leads to restricted opportunities within a wider society, where rules and laws are increasingly jarring with the traditions within the Traveller community. The mechanisation of agriculture in post-war Britain and the introduction of plastic rendered much of the work traditionally undertaken by Travellers, as obsolete. Many Travellers were forced to migrate to towns and cities where they faced economic and social marginalization from the settled community.  As with Aboriginal and Native American communities, when the culture is challenged and removed through laws, and impacts are felt from a more powerful other, this has a detrimental effect upon the community.  Tragically family member Johnny Delaney was killed in a racist attack, to learn more click here.

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